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Oriental Carpets


We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we live, love, work + play: The people of the Bundjulang nation. We pay our respects to the elders past + present. 

About us

We are a full service rug firm. Reliable worldwide service. Four decades trading underwritten by source research.

Founder, Oriental Rug Society of Queensland. Member, The Oriental Rug Society of NSW Inc.

"I slowly but surely became cognizant that here was an under-appreciated art form existing alongside, but very different from the imperial western view of Fine Art. I discovered the art of women, of village, tribe and family and this textile art spoke directly to me. I was astounded by the power of this discovery and found my life's passion".

Milton Cater, himself, is a product of a 1950's jazz/modern artistic Gold Coast, Australian household and first became aware of the beauty of old carpets as a young man touring Europe in 1972. Where, luckily, a Copenhagen specialist dealer taught him the basics. He found he was moved more by the anonymous carpets in Chateau and Schloss than by the signed paintings in Tuilleries and Tate. Milton later was to return to Australia via Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan buying and learning more in the baazars. His friends and family quickly bought these first rare old, and cheap! oriental carpets as there was not a single specialist dealer locally at the time. (subsequent trips involved researching the "tribes" of south and N.W. Iran, Kurdistan and W. Afghanistan)

From these innocent beginnings through the first edition of Hali, (The International Magazine of Carpet and Textile Art) the Lefevre sales, O.R.R Antiques Fairs etc... Through the profound growth in recognition of the aesthetics of antique textile arts in general, to today's  savvy international network clientele committed to research, study and commerce.

Through the writing of Dr. Ali Shariati (and many Persian pro-change friends) Milton became politicised and was one of the few westeners allowed into Iran during the "hostage crisis", was in Herat during the early insurgency, and deplores the continuing loss of the last vestiges of traditional knowledge of that great Central Asian pastoral culture.


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Cold work? No. Recycled Russian mink helps.   Hectic Peshawar: Snapshots with disposable camera.



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Honest old rug, a bit thin on top, but with years of wear left.   This is a family business with Anne, Alexander Akbar, Nicholas Jamil, and Maxwell Sulaman all involved. Pic shot over 20 years ago!


Playing dress-ups with a 1960's fine Esfahan. Over twenty years later these boys are now men who know.!


 A Turkoman Yurt and Milton the Tourist

Testimonials - Sales

"Just to let you know the wonderful kelims arrived this week.   Thank you so very much.  

Again, the colours are superb, the weave beautiful and each one is going to be thoroughly enjoyed.  

Love them!" Loren in Western Australia

"I would like to recommend a dealer in Australia to you who has an excellent web page.
I have personally bought rugs from him and have been satisfied in every respect: provenance, condition, representation and price. I think you will find his information and presentation very informative and professional."
K.Hodges, USA retired judge, mailing to an Australian ruggie.


Testimonial - Repairs

Thankyou for a wonderful job. Certainly all my work will be going your way from now on."
Anne Carter, Director, Flinders Gallery (Fine Art, Antique Prints & Oriental Rugs)



I just loved your site. I am thinking of starting up an internet business and after spending two hours of searching found your inspirational site. Thanks again for a visually and mentally stimulating site."



"Hello, Wonderful site. I added your name and a link to our recommended dealers list.
Best wishes, Barry

Forever Trading!!!






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